By: AnnMerritt Taylor

Required Activities Instructions

Activity #1- Complete Questionnaire

*Dr. Strange will send a link to your gmail account

Acitivty #2- EDM 310 is different

* Read this EDM 310 is different

*Watch this 10 minute edited version

*Or wath the 24 minute 36 second version on Mobile Me

Activity #3- Prepare for Your Intellectual Journey Pt. 1

*Instal these 3 browsers
   1. Firefox
   2. Safari
   3. Google Chrome

*Create accounts for these three sites
   1. Google Mail
   2. BlogSpot
   3. YouTube
   (If you need help with creating these accounts, watch this instuctional video with Mobile Me or read
   written instructions here)

*Install these two products
   1. iTunes
   2. Picasa

Activity #4- Twitter

*Sign up for Twitter

* Download a Twitter Aggregator
    1. Dr. Strange recommends Tweet Deck
    2. If you are using Google Chrome, you can download their version from their Google Chrome Store

*Read these two articles
    1. Twitter for Beginners
    2. Using Twitter Effectively

*Watch this video recommended by an EDM310 student from Fall '10

*For help with Tweet Decks visit Tweet Deck Support

Activity #5- Prepare for your intellectual journey Part 2

*Install these 4 programs
   1. Audactiy
   2. Audacity Lame MP3 encoder
   3. Drop Box
   4. Google Earth

*Create accounts for these 15 sites
   1. Delicious
   2. Skype
   3. TimeToast
   4. Screen Jelly
   5. Screenr
   6. ScreenToaster
   7. EverNote
   8. Aviary
   9. Symbaloo
   10. Netvibes
   11. DIIGO
   12. WallWisher
   13. Glogster
   14. ANT
   15. Zemanta

*Familiarize yourself with the following 4
   1. Posterous
   2. Smart Board software
   3. Be Funky Image Editing
   4. Zemanta

Activity #6- Enhance your blog

* Mrs. Yollis' Classroom blog Probably one of the most useful websites for this class!

*HTML Italics, Bold, and HyperLink
HTML for italics 
HTML making words bold

 HTML making hyperlinks
^You will use this A LOT during this course! Memorize it now^

* Learn about ALT and TITLE modifiers

*Go to this site and install Firefox toolbar

*Go to this site and learn about iGoogle

Activity #7- Complete Mid Term Questionnaire

*Dr. Strange will send you a link to your Mid Term Exam.

Activity #8- Complete Final Exam Questionnaire

*Dr. Strange will send you a link to your Mid Term Exam.

Activity #9- Foliotek

* You will purchase your Foliotek with ecompanion and complete your Foliotek submission in class at the end of the senester.