Project # 1 Personal Class Blog
1. Create Blog. then follow the instructions beginning below. Sign in with your Google account.
Create a Blog

Project #2 Wordle

A Wordle is an image created from words.
A Wordle is an easy project for you (and your students ) to do. That’s why we use it as a starting
assignment. It is free. It is a good image to add to any Blog post.
Here’s how:
For your first Wordle assignment, copy the post you have written about yourself which is your
first real Blog Assignment (See Blog Assignments List).
Go to
Click CREATE your own
Wordle ( Note that the URL is a .net address (NOT .com)

Before you get started read/watch the following. Follow the links that are contained in these
The Benefits of Using Blogs in Classrooms
Commenting on Blogs Are So Important
and Kaia and Room 10 - Why Blogs and

C4T Comments for Teachers - Project #3

C4C Comments for Classmates - Project #4
C4K Comments for Kids - Project #6
Project # 5 - Google Presentation
Your presentation is to be about YOU. You can take any approach you want. One way would be
to prepare your own introduction to an audience of your peers. Another would be to introduce
yourself to your potential employers. Another would be to tell a club about your special interests
in ... Any way you want to approach it is fine with me. The goal is to get you using Google
Presentations. which is much better, for many reasons, than PowerPoint. Some of these reasons
are: free, collaborative, stored in the clouds, can be presented to and from on line audiences,
can’t be lost because the dog chewed it up or your computer crashed, accessible everywhere
there is an internet connection.

Watch this video: Two Questions That Can Change Your Life
Project #6 “This is My Sentence” Video

For my sentence see
Watch this video: The result for the 2010 effort can be seen at What’sWatch it!The Clever Sheep Blog and his YouTube Channel in which he has
Daniel Pink's What's My Sentence Project.
you sentence: The video.
Also check out Rodd Lucier's
numerous classes create their sentences in 15 second videos.

Project #7 - C4K

Project #8 - Podcast (Audio or Video)

This is a collaborative project which you will do with a team established in class.
Listen to or watch several podcasts to get ideas about
how and what to do.
Instead of one of the Timelines, Create a WIKI

Amanda Bosarge (Fall 2010) suggested that you learn to create a Wiki. She provides full
instructions in her
Blog Post #12: Create Your Own Wiki.
Project Instructions EDM310 Spring 2011 Version 7 p. 24

Project #10 - Personal Learning Network (PLN or PLE)
Watch or read the following to get an understanding of what a PLN (Personal Learning
A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment
(A kind of PLN)
Michael Fawcett Discusses his PLN
Developing A Personal Learning Network in EDM310
was originally prepared for the Fall 2009 class but it still applies.
Ignore the date and Project Number. It
Personal Learning Networks
Visit BOTH of them.

- Blog Post in Spring Term which contains two important links.
Project # 11 Short Movie (Read A Story or Other)
You actually have several choices in making your movie. Create a short movie (at least 1 minute
but no more than 5 minutes). Do this using your webcam, iMovie on the lab Mac, one of the Flip
Cameras available in the EDM310 lab

Project #12 Recorded Skype Interview
You will need to know how to use Skype in video form.
You will need to know how to do a screen recording.
You will have to make arrangements with the person you are to interview to have access to
Skype and know how to use it.
Both parties must be on Ethernet (wired) internet high speed connections. Wireless does not
work well for video Skype sessions.
You will have to plan and conduct the interview so that it is interesting, informative and less than
15 minutes in length.

Project #13 Smartboard Instruction with Google Form Evaluation
Critiques of Smartboards
Michael Staton,
Why Smartboards Are A Dumb Initiative
Bill Ferriter,
Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards

Project # 14 Teach Someone Something
In this project you must prepare materials to teach someone something or you must record (audio
or video) a session in which you teach someone face to face. This is YOUR instruction. It is
NOT a link to the instruction of others (although you can use materials prepared by others). It
can be an audio, video or .pdf set of instructions. I would be delighted if you prepare instruction
for something we do in EDM310 that needs a better set of instructional materials. You can also
choose your own topic. But YOU must do the instruction.
Start here:
Jennifer Inscore’s Excellent Suggestions
on how to do this Project (Fall 10)
Stephen Teaches Response Summary Image
Radford University’s Education Channel
Be sure to take a look at several of the tutorials on the

Project #15
You have two choices:
1. Do one book trailer by yourself.
2. Participate (individually or collaboratively) in an entry into the
Video Contest

Project #16 Final Major Project (Fall 2010 Version)
Watch my short video:
I also suggest you explore these three videos to see if they might stimulate your brain.
Even though this is long in the eyes of current students, it is very important:
Preparing for Project 16 7:48 1:06:12 9:46 3:04
A Portal to Media Literacy

Project Based Learning: An Overview

An Introduction to project-Based Learning
USA First Gift.
My Sentence - Revised Already

Projects #3, #4 and #7 Commenting